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2022: Inspiring!

This year was another rocking season!

There was amazing work done all around, from software to the nuts and bolts, to the business team behind it all. This was a phenomenal team effort from everyone involved, so thank you all!

We were able to advance to state qualifiers because of the hard work of everyone, but what put us over the top was the Engineering Inspiration award. This meant we made the cutoff by a few points. This award (pictured below) is awarded by FIRST according to the team that "Celebrates outstanding success in advancing respect and appreciation for engineering within a team’s school or organization and community" (From FIRST website). This is largely considered the runner up to Chairman's, and is a huge acheivement. Congratulations everyone!

We were able to advance to states where we competed with the former state champions the Goon Squad, and we had a fantastic run! Congratulations to everyone for a fantastic season, and we hope to do just as well again next year!


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