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Two weeks, two great designs!

It is now two weeks into the build season; the design, mechanical, and electrical teams are working hard on designs for our robot. The teams have come up with 2 solid designs; one design manipulates pneumatics, and the other manipulates an actuator to pick up the power cubes. We have spent a long time debating on gear ratios and wheel sizes, and after hours of debating, we have decided to go with a gear ratio of: 5.95:1, and 6-inch wheels. With this gear ratio and wheel size, we project that our robot will be able to travel at an approximate speed of 23 feet per second. But, that speed may vary based on the weight of the robot and friction. Our business team has been hard at work at updating our brochures and creating a new logo, luckily, we have a professional graphic designer who is working with us on the design as well, and we hope to have the design finished this week!

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