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'Twas the Night Before Bag Day...

As the build season comes to a close, Team 4405 is vigorously working to finalize this year's robot for the first competition. Our awesomely decorated, lit up robot will blow your minds. On March 10th in Ann Arbor, you will see the full potential of Team 4405, The Atoms Family.

During the build season, we've made some changes to make sure that our robot is in prime condition for competition. The design team made sure our robot would be unique and properly made. The build team made sure we would have a successfully working robot, as well as the software team making sure that our robot's autonomous is running properly. We Also created a new business team that has begun making budgets, finalizing finances, seeking out sponsors, and making sweet designs.

This year has been a good year for Team 4405. We cannot wait to see all our hard work pay off. Hope to see you at Districts in Ann Arbor and Livonia, Saginaw for States, and even St. Louis for Worlds!

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