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Gearing up our new website!

Say hello to Team 4405's new website! This website is going to offer everything you need to know about our events, competitions, news and more. This will give you an insight into what we are up to throughout the season and the rest of year.

The about page will help you get to know Team 4405's mission and what we are about. The events page will give a schedule of our events with dates, times and locations. The sponsorship page will give a list of our sponsors and a contact if you are interested in sponsoring us. The media page has everything from photos and videos of our events to links to our social media pages. And this, of course, is our blog page. On this page, we will post articles throughout the season about our progress and what we are up to.

So who will be running this brand new website? This website will be update by the Team 4405's newest team: the business team. The business team deals with the finances, logistics, and media output. This team was formed to help the build team focus on the robot, rather than having to teeter totter between finances and building. It was also formed to help train students in business. We want to help students who are interested business get a head start.

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