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Each year, we compete in two district competitions throughout Southeast Michigan. In addition, we also host team led events that help gain recognition of STEM in our community. If you would like to know what Team 4405 is up to, click the link below.


We would like to thank our sponsors for providing the support that we need to run our team. We would not be able to build our robot without our sponsors. If you would like to sponsor Team 4405, click the link below.

Our School

We are Plymouth Christian Academy's FIRST Robotics team. Plymouth Christian Academy is a private, Christian school in Canton, Michigan. Below is a link to the PCA website if you want to learn more about the school.


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We are Team 4405: The Atoms Family. We are a FIRST Robotics Championship (FRC) team that participates in competitions throughout Southeast Michigan. We represent Plymouth Christian Academy, a private, Christian school in Canton, Michigan. Our mission is to gain recognition of STEM in our school and in our community. 

This is our eleventh year as a team and we have accomplished so much. We are two time FIRST in Michigan District Champions, two time FIM Championship qualifiers and three time FIRST Championship qualifiers. We hope to grow and continue our success going into the future.

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